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Vital Records consist of births , adoptions, marriages , divorces, and deaths recorded on registers, certificates, and documents.

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A copy or an extract of most original records can be purchased from the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics , the County Clerk's office of the county where the event occurred or order electronically online. See also How to order Florida Vital Records. Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites. In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here.

From FamilySearch Wiki. United States. Lee County. Bonita Springs Cape Coral. Fort Myers. Fort Myers Beach. Babcock Ranch.

Additional Property Tax Homestead Exemption Available for Seniors

This property tax limitation greatly benefits second homeowners, foreigners, and investors. What is the "recapture" rule? Contact your CPA or tax preparer for information on filing out of state tax returns once you become a Florida resident. Information provided is thought to be reliable but is not guaranteed to be accurate; buyers are advised to verify facts before making the decision to purchase a property. How Does the Stock Market Work? Subscription Information.

Boca Grande. Draper, Utah: Everton Pub. Provo, Utah: Ancestry, , Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, Hidden category: Adopted pages. Navigation menu Personal tools English. Namespaces Page Talk. Views Read View source View history. Research Wiki. They were no longer needed because construction has all but ceased. The city recently hired a landscaping company to cut overgrown lawns surrounding hundreds of abandoned homes.

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Feichthaler says. It will be difficult to construct the high school. We know there are needs, but we are going to have to wait a little bit. Waiting, scrimping, taking stock: This is the vernacular of the moment for a nation reckoning with the leftovers of a real estate boom gone sour. From the dense suburbs of northern Virginia to communities arrayed across former farmland in California, these are the days of pullback: with real estate values falling, local governments are cutting services, eliminating staff and shelving projects.

Families seemingly disconnected from real estate bust are finding themselves sucked into its orbit, as neighbors lose their homes and the economy absorbs the strains of so much paper wealth wiped out so swiftly. Southwestern Florida is in the midst of this gathering storm.

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It was here that housing prices multiplied first and most exuberantly, and here that the deterioration has unfolded most rapidly. As troubles spill from real estate and construction into other areas of life, this region offers what may be a foretaste of the economic pain awaiting other parts of the country. In the county, a tidal wave of foreclosures is turning some neighborhoods into veritable ghost towns.

The county school district recently scrapped plans to build seven new schools over the next two years. Real estate agents and construction workers are scrambling for other lines of work, and abandoning the area. As houses are relinquished to red ink and the elements, break-ins are skyrocketing, yet law enforcement is resigned to making do with existing staff.

Florida Homestead Exemption: What You Need to Apply

FLORIDA real estate has long been synonymous with boom and bust, but the recent cycle has packed an unusual intensity. Creative finance lubricated the developing boom, making it easy for buyers to take on more mortgage debt than they could otherwise handle, driving prices skyward. Each upward burst brought more investors — some from as far as California and Europe, real estate agents say.

Joe Carey was part of the speculative influx. Nearby, there were beaches , golf courses and access to the Caloosahatchee River, which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Builders were happy to arrange construction loans, then erect houses in as little as six months. Real estate agents promised to find buyers before the houses were even finished. Carey said. Backed by easily acquired construction loans, Mr. Then he bought more lots, confident that Cape Coral and Fort Myers — the county seat across the river — would continue to blossom.

It kind of built its own economy. In , Mr. Carey became a real estate agent. The next year, he opened a title company. Then he teamed up with seven others to open a local office for Keller Williams Realty, the national realty chain.

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They hired 40 agents. Lots that Mr. National home builders poured in, along with construction workers, roofers and electricians.

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But as a kingdom of real estate materialized, growth ultimately exceeded demand: investors were selling to one another, inflating prices. When the market figured this out in late , it retreated with punishing speed. When it stopped, people started dumping property.

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That same month, he and his partners shuttered his real estate office. In November, he closed the title company. On a recent afternoon, he went to his old office in a now-quiet strip mall to take home the remaining furniture. He was preparing to move to the suburbs of Atlanta. While speculators may find it easy enough to pack up and move on, they are leaving behind an empire of vacant houses that will not be easily sold. More than 19, single-family homes and condos are now listed on the market in Lee County.

Fewer than sold in November, meaning that at the current rate it would take three years for the market to absorb all the houses.

Commercial builders are unloading properties at sharply reduced prices, sometimes even below construction costs, which further adds to the glut. Dietz, the chief financial officer of WCI Communities, a Florida-based home builder, said in an interview two weeks ago.

Dietz announced he would leave WCI at the end of this year to pursue a career in the vacation resort business. AT Pelican Preserve, a gated community set around a hole golf course in Fort Myers, WCI has halted building, leaving some residents staring at mounds of earth where they expected to see manicured lawns. An estate is probated in the county where the deceased person lived at the time of his or her death, or, in some cases, the county where the deceased person owned real estate.

Once you have located the appropriate county, an online search can be done for that county's probate court or probate court dockets. This can be tricky because in some states the probate court is not actually called the probate court, it could be referred to as the "circuit court," "surrogate's court," "orphan's court," or any other number of courts.

But be persistent - since probate occurs in each and every county across the country, chances are you will be able to locate the appropriate court's online information. Once you have located the appropriate county, usually the steps involved in obtaining a copy of a will or other probate document directly from the probate court will include the following:. If the estate you are interested in is being probated in the Lee County Circuit Court located in Fort Myers, Florida, then follow the links and instructions provided below to view the Lee County probate court dockets online.

James City, and Tice. If you follow the instructions above but nothing happens, either the website is being updated, in which case try back at another time, or your internet browser does not like this interface at the top of the page, in which case once you land on the Court Case Inquiry page, at the top of the page click on the words "Turn off this Top Frame" and then follow the remaining instructions.